IO Payer Wallet

IO Payer is a full usage product, without any hidden costs, is transferable and empowers you to do transactions anytime, anywhere and allow you to be in control of what you spend.


IO Payer multipurpose prepaid wallet is easy to acquire and easy to use.
IO Payer does not require any eligibility criteria from consumers.
IO Payer facilitates online and on-mobile payment for a host of services and enables users to perform a variety of transactions such as:
  • Mobile Top-ups
  • Shopping
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Micro Finance Payment
  • Automobile Registration
  • Vehicle Verification
  • Travel Booking
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Book Subscriptions
  • Web Hosting
  • Gaming
  • Donations & Charity
  • Insurance
  • Matrimonial
  • Education

IO Payer Distribution Network:

Available through an extensive West Africa network in about eight countries and sixteen major city outlets. It is the most conveniently available product for consumers across all Socio-Economic classification.
Additionally there are plans to have approx 32 IO Payer franchisees branded as IO Payer BCEAO West Africa.

How to Use:

IO Payer scratch card has a 14 digit account number and a 4 digit password at the back of the card. This account no. and password is necessary for online and on mobile transactions.
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