1. Is this a credit card or a debit card?

No, this is neither a credit card nor a debit card. It is a cash card! It has similar uses like cash for applications, which currently do not accept cash for purchases on the net and for select services where this is the most viable option instead of Cash.

2. What is a 'Card Number'?

Card number is the first 14 digit number. It is used for authentication purpose for playing online games, online transactions, purchasing mobile recharges online online shopping etc.

3. What is a 'Password' or PIN?

Password is used to authenticate card number. For purchases made online, the card number is displayed on the screen immediately after the transaction is approved. It's a 4-digit number.

4. Do I reveal my card number if I have some queries over the phone?

No need to reveal your card number. Behind the card you will see a 14-digit number. This is the serial number and is used for all queries. When you call our customer care center, you can check all your details with this number. This number is provided so that you need not part with your card number and pin number during any queries. For online buyers, the serial number and the card number are displayed after successful completion of transaction. It is also available at your Log-in for future reference.

5. Are there any taxes levied on the card?

No, there are no taxes levied on the card.

6. Where do I lodge a complaint?

You can lodge your complaints on the web site or e-mail at

7. What all services can I avail of using this card?

You can utilize all the service Railway ticket, Air Ticket, Bus Ticket, Cinema Ticket, Shop online, Pay utility bills, Mobile recharge, Online Games.

8. Where can I buy IO Payer Cash Card from?

You can Purchase the MobileTranzact Cash Cards from the Website's 'Buy Now' Section. You can also purchase new cards from our distributors. To locate your nearest distributor, please see the distributors section of our website
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